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Are You Facing These Common Running Challenges?

Running is a journey filled with highs and lows. While it offers immense rewards, it also comes with its fair share of obstacles.

At Run True, we understand these challenges intimately because we’ve been there too. Here’s what might be holding you back:

At Run True, we’re not just a running club; we’re a solution to these widespread problems. Our mission is to help you navigate these challenges and transform your running experience. Read on to discover how we make this possible.

Run True: The Science-Backed Path to Enhanced Running Performance

In the world of running, your journey is laden with challenges, akin to the rugged, unpredictable trails of a marathon.

At Run True, we’ve observed, listened, and understood – transforming your struggles into stepping stones for triumph. Welcome to the Run True Online Running Club, a haven where each stride you take is a stride towards mastery.

Combat Injuries with Expert Guidance:
Picture yourself breaking free from the relentless grip of injuries. Our flagship 6-week program is more than a course; it’s a metamorphosis. Immerse yourself in the alchemy of strength, mobility, and balance, all meticulously woven from the golden threads of biomechanical principles. Wave goodbye to the injuries that have been your unwanted running companions and greet a future of strength and resilience.
Break Through Performance Plateaus:

Ever felt like you’re running in place, your performance stubbornly stuck? Our continuously evolving courses are your wings. Each month, we unveil new realms in running – ‘Ace your Pace’, ‘Heart Rate Zone’ training, and more – crafted to elevate your performance, to transform your plateau into a peak.

Clarity in a World of Confusion:

In the labyrinth of running advice, clarity is king. Our programs are not mere suggestions; they are blueprints for success, grounded in evidence, and tailored for every runner – novice or seasoned. This is your map to a clearer, more focused running journey.

A Community That Runs With You:
Imagine running not just on the pavement, but in the hearts of a community. The Run True Strava Group isn’t just a group; it’s a pulsating network across the UK, where every member’s victory is celebrated, every challenge shared. You’re not alone; you’re part of a movement.
Flexible Training That Fits Your Life:
Imagine a training that bends to your schedule, not the other way around. Our online platform is your personal running concierge – available anytime, adaptable to your life’s rhythm. Make room for excellence in your busy day.
Personalised to Your Unique Journey:
Your running journey is as unique as your fingerprint. While we recommend beginning with our 6-week course, your path through our content garden is yours to choose. Here, every runner’s individuality is not just recognized – it’s celebrated.

Running is an art and a science, extending beyond the road. Our approach encompasses the cornerstones of nutrition, recovery, and strategy, preparing you for every facet of your running endeavour.

In every lesson, every interaction, every heartbeat of community spirit, Run True elevates your running experience. It’s more than a club; it’s a transformational journey.

The Run True UK Running Club Is For You If...

We've Helped Hundreds of Students Just Like YOU Improve Their Running Form & Increase Their Enjoyment While Running

Meet Your Coach

Nigel Crompton: Pioneering Running Coach & Biomechanics Expert

Transforming Running Through Innovation and Expertise.

Nigel Crompton’s journey in the world of running spans decades, marked by personal challenges, groundbreaking discoveries, and a deep commitment to helping runners achieve their best. A lifelong runner and a seasoned coach with UK Athletics, Nigel’s passion for running is matched only by his dedication to the science behind it.

A Runner’s Challenge: From Injury to Insight

Nigel’s personal experience with a debilitating sports hernia set him on a path of exploration and healing. Frustrated by traditional treatments that failed to address the root cause of his pain, he embarked on a journey that led to a revolutionary understanding of running biomechanics. This quest not only restored his ability to run but also inspired his critically acclaimed book, “My Border Collie Doesn’t Stretch,” challenging conventional wisdom on stretching for runners.

Expertise That Stands Out

Nigel’s expertise is backed by rigorous training and certifications. As a Corrective Exercise Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, he specializes in identifying and correcting movement deficits. His deep dive into Anatomy in Motion (AiM) under Gary Ward further honed his skills, focusing on the intricate relationship between foot function and joint movement during the gait cycle. This expertise has been acknowledged in Richard Askwith’s book, “A Race Against Time,” showcasing Nigel’s unique approach to treating runners’ injuries.

Run True System: A Biomechanics-Based Revolution

At the heart of Nigel’s approach is the Run True System, a culmination of his years of study, practice, and teaching. This comprehensive 6-week course, accessible for 12 months, is designed to prevent injuries and rehabilitate runners’ bodies, ensuring optimal functionality. It’s a system developed from the ground up, based on human gait biomechanics and influenced by renowned methodologies like Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais.

A Coach Who Runs the Extra Mile
Nigel’s impact extends beyond his courses. Having conducted thousands of running gait analyses since April 2016, from elite to beginner runners, he brings a wealth of practical experience to his coaching. 

His strength lies in marrying his academic knowledge with real-life running experiences, continually refining his methods to offer the most effective training.

More Glowing REviews About Run True

Mandy Woods - Runner for over 20 years

Mandy entered her first Marathon at the age of 45 but got injured. 

Mandy decided to do the RunTrue course to try and resolve the injury because she was registered to run in the New York Marathon in 2022. 

I was blown away, on my first week of the course during my first run I felt so much better!”

Luke Sherrell - CEO AMN Academy

“It is one of the most comprehensive programs I’ve ever seen. It covers everything from corrective exercise, to strength, movement, and mobility. It covers it from a biomechanical point of view and a neurological point of view, and you’re looking at everything from a really functional perspective…


I have absolutely no reservations about giving it my full stamp of approval. This is a great course, and I urge you to jump in and check it out for yourself.”

Louise Amirthalingam

“The Run True course is a fantastic course for runners of all abilities. I completed the course almost 18 months ago and I can honestly say what I learned on the course has transformed my running. My strength and mobility have improved markedly and so far I have been injury free. Whether you’re a sprinter or a longer distance endurance runner, this is the course for you.”

Matt Rose

“For most of my earlier running life, I was constantly battling the same injuries. Since doing the Run True course, I’ve been able to run far more efficiently with significantly less of niggles and injuries.”

Alice Bidstone

Alice is an office worker with a desk job and since doing the Run True course she’s noticed improvements in her balance and coordination

Rita Mistry

Rita decided to do the Run True course because as she reached her 50’s she found herself getting injured more often. 

Since doing the course she’s getting faster and has been consistently getting new personal bests, and has improved endurance

Here's What You Get When You Join The Run True UK Running Club Today

Monthly Membership

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£ 10
  • Access To All Online Courses
  • Access To Private Member's Community
  • Suitable For All Types of Runners

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  • Access To Private Member's Community
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What Sets The Run True, Virtual Running Club Apart Is The Expert Coaching And Education Available To Our Community.

Here’s a list of just some of the coaching and learning programmes our members can expect in 2024

  1. The Forgotten Feet
  2. Heart Rate Zone
  3. Ace Your Pace
  4. Interview With Richard Askwith
  5. Uphill Running
  6. Downhill Running
  7. Run Slow to Run Faster
  8. Nutrition
  9. Post Run / Race Recovery
  10. Race Strategy & Planning
  11. Mindfulness & Mentla Toughness
  12. Weekly Strength Workout
  13. Weekly Mobility Workout
  14. Posture in Running
  15. Training for a Stage Race
  1. Spinal Engine Theory
  2. Dealing With Achilles Injuries
  3. Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis
  4. Dealing With Runner’s Knee
  5. Dealing With ITB Syndrome
  6. Should I move to zero drop / natural running shoes?
  7. Safe winter running
  8. Running in the heat of dummer
  9. Plyometrics for Runners
  10. Interview with Adharanand Finn
  11. How to stick when you want to quit
  12. How to breathe when you run
  13. The easy interval method – Klass Lok
  14. Dealing with cramps
  15. Animal Moves for Runners

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely suitable for all levels! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned runner, our program is designed to cater to diverse needs and fitness levels. The foundational skills we teach are beneficial for everyone.
We understand your time is valuable. Our core 6-week program requires just about an hour per week, which you can break down into smaller, manageable sessions. It’s designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.
Definitely! Our program emphasises injury prevention and management. It’s an excellent way to rehabilitate and strengthen your body post-injury, reducing the risk of future issues.
We’re confident in the value of our program, but we understand everybody has different circumstances. If you find that the membership isn’t for you, you can easily cancel and manage your membership yourself at any time.
No special equipment is required. Most of our exercises can be done with just your body weight and common household items. We focus on accessibility and simplicity

Not at all. Our community and educational content is all run via a website called Skool. You do not need any social media profiles to access any of the information or the community in general. 

As a member, you’ll have access to all training materials for the duration of your subscription, including any updates or new content added during that time.
Yes, our platform offers opportunities for personalised feedback and interaction with our coaching team, ensuring you get the guidance and support you need.

Monthly Membership

Cancel Anytime, No Lock-in Contracts
£ 10
  • Access To All Online Courses
  • Access To Private Member's Community
  • Suitable For All Types of Runners

Annual Membership

Get 2 Months Free
£ 99
  • Access To All Online Courses​
  • Access To Private Member's Community
  • Suitable For All Types of Runners
Best Value

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