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For Runners Who Want to Unlock Their Full Potential, Improve Foot Function, and Say Goodbye to Injuries

Introducing...'The Forgotten Feet' Online Course

An innovative running-centric program designed to revolutionise your training.

You will unlock the secrets of resilient, strong feet and how they impact your overall running performance.

Featuring an accessible, step-by-step guide and unique movements designed by runners for runners, this course takes you on a journey of understanding and improving the function of your feet.

With flexible learning on our interactive social learning platform, you can progress at your own pace and access the course whenever you need.

Benefit from the expertise of a qualified running coach and Corrective Exercise Specialist, and take your first step towards becoming an injury-free runner.

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Unveiling the Forgotten Feet

This unique program is the definitive guide to understanding and enhancing your foot function, while significantly boosting your running performance. Here’s what your course access includes:

Tailored exercises designed by a qualified running coach and Corrective Exercise Specialist, specifically focusing on foot function enhancement. Rejuvenate your running practice with movements based on running gait and the latest insights in anatomy.

Utilize targeted exercises to build foot resilience and decrease your risk of common runners’ injuries such as plantar fasciitis and bunions. Additionally, learn how to aid recovery and reduce the likelihood of future injuries, ensuring you stay on your feet and on your running journey.

Witness your running performance skyrocket as your feet grow stronger and more resilient. Enhance not just your speed, but also your stamina and strength.

Get Instant Access & Join Today for just

$49.97 $27.00!

Summer Sale Ends In Just…


Get Instant Access & Join Today for just

$49.97 $27.00!

Summer Sale Ends In Just…


Hundreds of Happy Runners Have Improved Their Form With Us Here At Run True

“I've just done my fastest 5k for a long time. Everything I've learned over the last 6 weeks clicked into place. Thank you, Nigel.”
Liz Gerard
“About 3 miles into the run I started to feel like I was discovering a natural rhythm, faster, with bounce, lightness of step and longer strides... Very nice feeling.”
Bindi Shah
"Thank you for all your support and expertise getting me through my London Marathon year. Once you get into the habit of running that way, it feels different and much better. More powerful. It's also helped to improve the hip drop I had.”
Louise Amirthalingham

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Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of runners: From total beginners to members of the English Junior Fell Championships team. No matter where you are in your running journey, I am so confident that ‘Run True’ will help you become a faster, stronger and injury-resistant runner, that I’m giving you my ironclad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

If you do not notice radical improvements in your running performance, I will refund you every penny within 30 days of your purchase.

No questions asked.

No hard feelings. 

Meet Your Coach

Nigel Crompton

Nigel is an iconic name in the running community. A true “runner’s runner” and two-times Marathon de Sables finisher, he has been a UKA Athletics certified coach for over a decade, Nigel is also a trained Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM) and Anatomy in Motion practitioner. 

He specialises in the demanding discipline of fell running, having competed in races across England, Wales, Scotland and the French Alps. 

Nigel is a head coach for Pensby Runners and has trained the English Junior Fell Champion squad, including two individual junior English fell champions. 

He has been featured in Richard Askwith’s book “Race Against Time” and is the author of “My Border Collie Doesn’t Stretch.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The Run True system is a strength and movement approach designed specifically for runners. It offers unique exercises specifically crafted to enhance running performance, differing from typical gym-based movements. 

This system breaks from conventional training methods, providing a new perspective to achieve running goals. By embracing change, runners can achieve new results and reach their full potential.

Whether you’re a running novice or an experienced runner, the techniques you’ll learn in this program will help you:

  • Build a stronger, faster runner’s body
  • Minimise chances of injury and improve recovery time
  • ​Help you develop your unique running style
  • Empower you to break your PB
  • Help you find your flow and have more fun

Forget about the boring old squats, lunges and deadlifts you know.

The strength movements in the Run True system are specifically designed to enhance your running performance by understanding and improving your running gait.

That’s right. Stretching can actually hinder your running performance — that’s why we do 0 stretching in the Run True System.


Run True will literally reverse the ageing process, and help you run faster and more efficiently with age. 
With the techniques I will show you, do not be surprised if you start beating all those youngsters!

It’s simple: I want you to be the best, fastest and most resilient runner you can be. 

That’s why I am making this offer 100% risk-free for you.
If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with Run True and the changes in your performance, I will gladly refund you every single penny.
(Valid for 30 days from the purchase date.)

Get Instant Access & Join Today for just

$49.97 $27.00!

Summer Sale Ends In Just…


Get Instant Access & Join Today for just

$49.97 $27.00!

Summer Sale Ends In Just…