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75% Of Runners Get Injuries Every Year, And According To Harvard...Most Are Completely Avoidable

The Run True System Exposes The 3 Common Running Myths That Are Keeping You Stuck In The Vicious Cycle of Repetitive Injuries

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Dear Running Enthusiast,

If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of lacing up your shoes in the crisp morning air as you prepare for a run.

The sensation of being all alone on the road or along the track, enveloped in a cocoon of solitude, like you’re the only person in the world.

That heart-pounding, exhilarating rush at the end of the run as your body rewards you for your effort with a flood of endorphins—a high that only a runner knows.

But if you’re like most, you’ve also felt the flip side: the dreaded twinge in the knee, the sharp pain in the shin, the ache that lingers long after the run is over.

It’s a mixed bag of emotions: pride from the achievement and frustration from yet another niggle or ache.

You’re not alone in this tug of war of feelings.

It’s a shared sentiment, the silent nod between runners who’ve accepted these ‘niggles’ as par for the course—a badge of honor, even. 

Yet, every time you feel that pain, there’s a whisper of worry. What if today’s minor discomfort evolves into tomorrow’s injury?

But what if I told you there’s a deeper issue at play here? 

That it isn’t merely about being strong-willed or resilient but about a fundamental misconception. 

Harvard’s numbers are a wake-up call: 75% of runners face recurring injuries year after year. 

The real gut-punch? 

Most of these are entirely avoidable. 

But accepting these pains and sidelining your worries isn’t just misguided—it’s a dangerous game. 

It’s not about questioning your dedication or love for the sport. 

It’s about redefining how we approach it. 

The path to a pain-free run isn’t paved with grit alone but with knowledge—and it’s high time to debunk some myths that have held us captive in this cycle of repetitive injury and pain.

Myth #1: Injuries Are Just Part of the Game

Ah, the age-old adage: “If you run, you’re bound to get injured.” 

It’s been passed down from one generation of runners to the next, like an old family recipe—but a lot less sweet.

However, it’s time we shine a light on the flaws of this theory.

While there’s an element of truth in acknowledging the inherent risk of any sport, what this myth dangerously oversimplifies is the reason why these injuries happen. 

It’s not just the act of running itself. It’s how we approach it.

Let’s draw a parallel to other athletes. Imagine a basketball player focusing solely on shooting hoops, ignoring agility drills, strength training, or even basic ball handling. 

They’d hardly be effective on the court, right?

Similarly, many runners have a one-track mind (pun intended) about their training. 

Running better doesn’t mean just running more. 

It means complementing your passion with techniques aimed at building strength, coordination, balance, muscle recruitment, foot mechanics, and, importantly, form.

I once knew a runner, let’s call him “Quick Stretch Kyle”. Kyle’s idea of preparing for a 10-mile run was doing a casual squat, maybe (if he was feeling particularly athletic that day) a 5-second quad stretch, and then off he’d go, pounding the pavement. 

While it’s almost endearing in its naivety (and, let’s face it, we all know a “Kyle”), it’s also a recipe for disaster. Or at least, a recipe for shin splints, joint pain, and a host of other ailments.

In essence, the myth that injuries are just part of the running package is a misinformed resignation to fate.

In reality, with the right approach and training, you can have your run and enjoy it too—without the unwelcome side of pain.

Myth #2: All I need is a training plan

Ever heard the phrase, “All I need is a training plan!” echoing in running circles? It’s a sentiment that’s been passed around like a cherished baton in a relay race.

But while a training plan is a solid start, it’s merely a piece of the puzzle, not the complete picture.

Many of these plans make grand promises: take you from couch to 5K, or perhaps even to marathon glory.

They meticulously chart out the distances, durations, and intervals. And true, they’re fantastic at building up your stamina and endurance.

Yet, here’s the glaring oversight: a hyper-focus on endurance. Endurance, while paramount, isn’t the sole ticket to a successful running journey.

The blind spot in many of these plans is their neglect for essential components like form, function, and foundational strength.

It’s like having a state-of-the-art car but ignoring the need for regular maintenance checks. Sure, it’ll drive, but for how long and how well?

Running isn’t just about clocking miles. It’s about the quality of those miles. It’s about how you run them, how your feet hit the ground, how your muscles support each stride. 

By solely relying on these endurance-centric plans, you’re opening the door, or perhaps even rolling out the red carpet, for overuse injuries and relentless aches and pains.

So, the next time you come across a ‘foolproof’ training plan, take a moment to reflect: Does it consider the holistic needs of a runner, or is it merely a one-trick pony?

Myth #3: To prevent injury, just stretch it out

The outdated advice of “Just give it a good stretch!” is as entrenched in athletic folklore as the legend of pre-game pasta parties.

And while it’s a feel-good routine for many (there’s something oddly satisfying about reaching for those toes), it’s time we debunk this misconception.

The image of a runner, leg propped up on a bench, giving a nice static stretch has been romanticised in movies and posters. But the science paints a different picture.
Not only has static stretching been shown to be astonishingly ineffective at enhancing mobility, it can be downright treacherous.

Imagine setting the foundation of a house on shaky ground; it looks sturdy but under pressure, it wavers.

Static stretches, especially right before a run, can do just that to your joints – destabilise them. This predisposes you to a slew of sprains, strains, and worst of all, connective tissue injuries.

Now, here’s a little tidbit: connective tissue injuries rank high in the hall of fame of running injuries, and they are notoriously known for their prolonged healing times. Let’s be real: no one has time for that. 

These injuries aren’t a matter of destiny; they’re often the offspring of bad habits.

To drive the point home, consider the title of a book I penned: “My Border Collie Doesn’t Stretch”. 

The message? Nature’s best runners don’t dabble in static stretches. Instead, they’re dynamic, agile, and move in ways that support their biomechanics. Perhaps, it’s time we took a page out of their playbook.

So next time someone proclaims the virtues of the pre-run stretch, you might want to point them to the nearest canine park for some real-world wisdom.

Introducing: The Run True Online Coaching Program

The Leading Evidence-Based Corrective Exercise System Specifically Designed For Runners

If the myths and misconceptions we just debunked were the storm clouds hovering over your running journey, consider the Run True Online Coaching Program your silver lining.

Let’s not tiptoe around it: the world of running is saturated with ‘miracle solutions’ and ‘instant fix’ regimes. Yet, most fall short. Why?

They miss the mark on understanding the intricate biomechanics of running.

Enter: Run True.

A program that doesn’t just offer generic advice, but is designed with the precision and finesse that the act of running deserves.

Here's a glimpse of what sets us apart

Cutting Edge Techniques

Relying on the most recent scientific findings, our exercises aren’t repackaged old-school thoughts. They’re modern, effective, and game-changing.

Evidence-Based Approach

Anecdotal advice is great for campfire stories but when it comes to your health, we lean on concrete, proven strategies. We’ve weeded out the noise to bring you techniques that stand tall under scientific scrutiny.

Holistic Development

We don’t just hone in on one aspect. From strength to coordination, balance to muscle recruitment, and foot biomechanics to form – we’ve got you covered from head to toe.

Customisable For You

Anecdotal advice is great for campfire stories but when it comes to your health, we lean on concrete, proven strategies. We’ve weeded out the noise to bring you techniques that stand tall under scientific scrutiny.

To run true is to run in harmony with your body, not against it. The Run True Online Coaching Program isn’t just another plan; it’s a paradigm shift.

It’s about tapping into the untapped, streamlining your efforts, and giving you the tools to not just run, but to soar.

So, are you ready to leave the myths behind and embark on a running journey that’s aligned with your true potential?

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Here's Everything You Get With The Run True Coaching Program

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It's a Coaching Program.

That means you get exclusive access to our community and coaches to get specific guidance, support and customisation to suit your specific needs.

Meet Your Coach

Nigel Crompton

UKA Athletics Certified Running Coach
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

My name is Nigel Crompton, the chief coach and founder of the Run True system. 

Like many of you, I’ve experienced the frustration of being an injured runner. I had it all: plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, iliotibial band syndrome, ankle sprains, and hamstring issues. 

I’ve spent many years and thousands of dollars researching different methods and systems, doing certifications and courses and working with runners at a competitive level to test out different ideas and theories. 

And over those years, I’ve developed a high level of expertise in human gait biomechanics, Corrective Exercise, and Anatomy in Motion.

This led me to eventually develop a unique strength and mobility training system specifically designed for runners like you.

I’ve been teaching this system in person for over 2 years now, but the problem with that is to be able to learn this groundbreaking approach, you would have had to spend 6 weeks with me in the north west of England making it impossible for many of you to benefit from this approach.

Now, for the first time ever and based on overwhelming popular demand, we’ve spent the last 6 months developing it into an online program so that you can access it anywhere, anytime and for a fraction of the cost.

More Glowing REviews About Run True

Mandy Woods - Runner for over 20 years

Mandy entered her first Marathon at the age of 45 but got injured. 

Mandy decided to do the RunTrue course to try and resolve the injury because she was registered to run in the New York Marathon in 2022. 

I was blown away, on my first week of the course during my first run I felt so much better!”

Luke Sherrell - CEO AMN Academy

“It is one of the most comprehensive programs I’ve ever seen. It covers everything from corrective exercise, to strength, movement, and mobility. It covers it from a biomechanical point of view and a neurological point of view, and you’re looking at everything from a really functional perspective…


I have absolutely no reservations about giving it my full stamp of approval. This is a great course, and I urge you to jump in and check it out for yourself.”

Louise Amirthalingam

“The Run True course is a fantastic course for runners of all abilities. I completed the course almost 18 months ago and I can honestly say what I learned on the course has transformed my running. My strength and mobility have improved markedly and so far I have been injury free. Whether you’re a sprinter or a longer distance endurance runner, this is the course for you.”

Matt Rose

“For most of my earlier running life, I was constantly battling the same injuries. Since doing the Run True course, I’ve been able to run far more efficiently with significantly less of niggles and injuries.”

Alice Bidstone

Alice is an office worker with a desk job and since doing the Run True course she’s noticed improvements in her balance and coordination

Rita Mistry

Rita decided to do the Run True course because as she reached her 50’s she found herself getting injured more often. 

Since doing the course she’s getting faster and has been consistently getting new personal bests, and has improved endurance

For the past two years, we’ve successfully taught this powerful system through live and in-person sessions. However, this required a six-week commitment to join us in the North West of England, limiting access for many. 

To address this challenge and accommodate the overwhelming demand, we have devoted the last six months to transforming our program into a comprehensive online format. Now, anyone from any corner of the world can benefit from this groundbreaking system, all from the comfort and convenience of their own home.


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Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of runners: From total beginners to members of the English Junior Fell Championships team. No matter where you are in your running journey, I am so confident that ‘Run True’ will help you become a faster, stronger and injury-resistant runner, that I’m giving you my ironclad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee:

If you do not notice radical improvements in your running performance, I will refund you every penny within 30 days of your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Run True system is a strength and movement approach designed specifically for runners. It offers unique exercises specifically crafted to enhance running performance, differing from typical gym-based movements. 

This system breaks from conventional training methods, providing a new perspective to achieve running goals. By embracing change, runners can achieve new results and reach their full potential.

Whether you’re a running novice or an experienced runner, the techniques you’ll learn in this program will help you:

  • Build a stronger, faster runner’s body
  • Minimise chances of injury and improve recovery time
  • ​Help you develop your unique running style
  • Empower you to break your PB
  • Help you find your flow and have more fun

Forget about the boring old squats, lunges and deadlifts you know.

The strength movements in the Run True system are specifically designed to enhance your running performance by understanding and improving your running gait.

That’s right. Stretching can actually hinder your running performance — that’s why we do 0 stretching in the Run True System.

This program can benefit runners of any age, however we’ve found that most of our past students have been around 40-65+

It’s simple: I want you to be the best, fastest and most resilient runner you can be. 

That’s why I am making this offer 100% risk-free for you.
If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with Run True and the changes in your performance, I will gladly refund you every single penny.
(Valid for 30 days from the purchase date.)

You could literally use this program for years. Because of the variety of progressions available most of our students tell us they use these techniques for months if not years and still make progress and hit new P.B’s at every stage of their progress. 

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